Quality Preventive Veterinary Care

A veterinarian providing an exam to a dog.

We know you're a caring pet parent who wants to stay on top of your pet's health throughout their life. Your pet's well-being can greatly benefit from having proper knowledge regarding their current health status. At Affinity Veterinary Center of Malvern, our trusted team provides yearly preventive pet examinations guided by a comprehensive approach. Our goal is to ensure your cats and dogs have a clean bill of health for years to come.

We are a passionate, animal-loving team working hard to detect and prevent any complications threatening the health and happiness of your precious pets. Our skilled team will provide reliable pet examinations and wellness plans tailored to their unique attributes and requirements. We have a strong attention to detail and utilize accurate diagnostics to preserve and improve the health of your animals from now and for years into the future. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!


Why Does My Pet Need a Preventive Exam?

Many diseases, infections, and afflictions are easily treatable or even preventable when caught early and swiftly addressed. These issues rarely resolve themselves and often become harder to manage and more expensive to treat. We firmly believe that a proactive approach to your pet's health and well-being is much more effective than a reactive one. Some aspects of our preventive veterinary care treatments include:

What to Expect During Our Pet Examinations & Wellness Plans

Our team employs a comprehensive approach to wellness exams, helping to ensure no underlying or developing conditions are missed or overlooked. All exams and preventive treatments will be finely tuned to your goals, concerns, and the unique attributes of your precious pet. Our educated veterinary team will consider factors like species, breed, lifestyle, size, and age.

We offer quality preventive pet examinations, which are delivered by the focused and gentle hands of our seasoned veterinary team. They often include:

  • A thorough head-to-tail physical examination, checking your pet's coat, skin, eyes, ears, teeth, body alignment, and how easily they can move
  • Listening to your pet's heartbeat and lungs
  • Assessing respiratory rate and body temperature
  • Vaccination updates
  • Advice on preventive care
  • Nutrition counseling

Both older pets and infant animals have weaker immune systems and are more susceptible to infection and disease. We want your furry young ones to start a long, healthy life on the right foot and your sweet senior pets to experience relaxing and comfortable twilight years. Our goal is to help your senior pets, and your puppies and kittens get the gentle and respectful care they deserve.

Nutritional Counseling

Our knowledgeable veterinarians can craft a proper diet plan for your pet that suits their needs and fulfills any deficiencies. Many health issues and complications commonly affecting cats and dogs, such as bladder stones, allergies, and obesity, can be averted with a focused diet. We will evaluate your pet before recommending a proper diet plan tailored specifically to their needs and helping them experience a brighter future.

Preventive Pet Examinations FAQ

If you notice your pet isn't acting like themselves and you sense something could be wrong, don't hesitate to contact our veterinary center. Our trusted and friendly team is always ready to address your questions and concerns. Some frequently asked questions regarding preventive pet examinations and wellness plans include:

Am I able to attend my pet's preventive exam?

Yes. We encourage doting animal parents to attend all pet examinations. Your sweet furry friend will benefit from seeing a loving, familiar face, helping them to stay relaxed and assured.

Yearly blood tests are important for informing our team about your pet's current health condition. We can determine red blood cell count, informing our veterinarians if your pet possibly suffers from anemia. Yearly bloodwork can also measure organ function, hormone levels, and electrolyte status.

Our veterinarians will evaluate your pet's condition and determine whether they're ready for an update on their shots. We will provide gentle and compassionate vaccination services that your pet needs to experience the upcoming year without the fear of parasites and infection.

Trusted Pet Wellness Plans & Preventive Examinations

At Affinity Veterinary Center, we know that prevention is key. Our goal is to help deliver a satisfying quality of life and longevity to your precious furry family members so they can remain by your side for years to come. We provide thorough pet examinations, ensuring no unseen conditions or infections exist under the surface. Our compassionate and attentive team is dedicated to preventing complications and infections from becoming more formidable issues in the future.

We are proud to offer accurate pet examinations and wellness treatment plans to our beloved Malvern community. Our practice utilizes modern veterinary technology coupled with our caring bedside manner to ensure your animals are kept safe during all procedures and leave our office with a roadmap for a lifetime of good health and wagging tails. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!



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